Muscle Man Mike teams up with
Our Kid Spidey Show-Build a Better World stars Muscle Man Mike with side kick puppet Kid Spidey(Spiderman's son ) in another exciting show. In the world of superheroes, anything is possible, and it helps children develop concepts such as right and wrong, and good and bad. Kid Spidey webs his tales of being a superhero and sings his favorite song.! Super hero magic and total interaction as the children are swept into a world of imagination. Don’t miss another AMAZING Show with Muscle Man Mike
"Im always excited about putting together NEW Shows! The Kid Spidey Show brings everyone in the room together on a fantastic Super Hero Ride with learning about how Amazing is it and rewarding it is to be Kind and have Goodness in your heart and mind! The room will be filled with lots of energy as always with Magic, Music and of course Muscle Man Mike Surprises! Dont miss this show! See you soon!" ~ Mike