Baseball Bobby Fit4kids Show
Soccer Sue Fit4kids Show
Hopper Hoops Sports Show
Super Hero Muscle Man Mike's Fit 4 Kids Show is not only entertaining, but extremely educating! The children are engaged from start to finish with discussing health and fitness on their level. There is movement, music and healthy magic in all the shows! He will do his famous mini show (15 min) for the children under 2 years old if needed. He wants everyone to enjoy the show. The regular show is about 45 minutes. Soccer Sue, Hopper Hoops and Baseball Bobby all make unique spectacular entrances to each show.

This show has been performed thousands of times with everyone from the children to the adults enjoying them! He makes sure everyone at the show is involved!

His mission is to educate and entertain!

This is the perfect show to introduce the children to the importance of eating right, exercising and enjoying this wonderful life style. They need to be educated now, not later!

3 Great Puppets to pick from!